Intelligent child

When i was 4years old i do play with it,when i was 10years old i do reason what it meant for but now i noticed that as old and older i will be it remains the same...... my_shadow

family source of life

Most of the time family determine one success......let be proud of the family we belong to or rises from

do good

Everything i knew about my past was that i'm a very stubborn 'being,i was so suprise when an highly wealthy man saw me and started thanking me for what have done for him in the past....i was shocked almost fainted..my dear brothers and sisters please let what we've done in the past(either good o


I used to die in mind but i think that was when am in childhood,i realised early but was too late to change the act......


life is not about how did you do it but what you did

enemy of man

The greatest enemy of man is the fact about him which will always be hidden for him when the light shines on him


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